Edible Creations is a proudly Canadian owned and operated local business, crafting incredible and uniquely edible arrangements with a hint of artistic flair. With a deep-rooted passion for innovative gift-giving, we continuously strive to create edible art that meets customer satisfaction and adds a personal touch to your celebrations.

Every edible arrangement we make is freshly prepared, and tailored to your specifications. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality edible arrangements, combined with striking design, all at a price point that is friendly to your wallet. From beautifully curated fruit bouquets to decadent chocolate designs, everything (apart from the packaging and skewers) is deliciously edible!

Our shop is based in the heart of Ontario – Canada, routinely inspected by Niagara Health. As a food handlers certified establishment, we ensure all health and safety guidelines are strictly adhered to, so you can be confident that your edible arrangements are crafted with utmost hygiene and care.

Quality is paramount at Edible Creations. We exclusively use premium pure chocolate in our edible arrangements, coupled with fruits that have been meticulously inspected for freshness and consistent flavour. No preservatives are added in our process, ensuring that your gift is as natural as it is beautiful.

We’d like to express our gratitude to you for allowing us to share our passion for fruits, sweets, and edible designs – the essence of Edible Creations. As Canada’s premier source of edible arrangements, we look forward to delighting you and your loved ones with our creations. Discover the art of gifting with Edible Creations, your go-to destination for unforgettable edible arrangements.


Add a personalized touch with a vast selection of our add-ons or give us a call to create a truly unique edible gift customized to suit your vision!


Take time to recognize special occasion or milestone with a truly unique gift by Edible Creations.


We are an advocate for local business. Edible Creations strives to use products sourced from local suppliers, so you get amazingly fresh, high quality, local products in your arrangement whenever possible.


All edible arrangements are freshly made. We have the same day delivery options for Hamilton and Niagara region areas. We also understand that life happens and are ready to accommodate super urgent orders (subject to availability) so be sure to give us a call if need arises.


We work one on one with your business to build unique gifts to suit your company’s budget for any event